eCommerce Integrated Blog

There are many reasons why you should have a blog for your online store. Ever since Google came out with AdWords, they have steadily reduced the number of online stores that show up in its Search Engine Results Page. This is because they want stores to use AdWords to gain positioning and clicks. Realizing that Google values content over eCommerce, many online stores are adding a content element to their business. Adding a blog to your 3dcart shopping cart is a great way to accomplish this.

SocialCommerce, coming in version 3.2 , will give you the ability to create a blog within your  store  within seconds, with the same look and feel as your 3dcart shopping cart, allowing for seamless integration. With one click, you'll be able to add a new blog entry, have a category suggested for you, and even include product images, details, and links automatically. 3dcart's SocialCommerce allows you to schedule posts, auto suggest content, and provides an industry standard RSS feed to provide syndication capabilities for your blog.

Some benefits of having a blog include:

  • It gives you a voice and allows you to contribute your expertise to the world and your clients.
  • Separates your store from the competition by giving you credibility.
  • Allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field and gives you the ability to share your ideas, opinions, and views.
  • As I previously mentioned, its great for search engine optimization.
  • Allows you to go more in depth with your products, new releases, and upcoming releases.
  • Blogs also allow you to speak directly to your customer base.
  • Blogs build trust and relationships with their readers and is unlike any other form of advertisement. Traditional advertising barks at customers, whereas a blog allows you to have an open venue of discussion and helps build community.