Online Retailers Connect with Young Consumers via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube and Mobile Sites

With the budding of social media technology, more kids are plugged in and connected through Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts, checking out sites on their Smartphones and rummaging blogs for the latest trends. With summer ending soon and students on the pawl for supplies and apparel, online retailers are bringing their products straight to the young consumers by using social media elements. By employing the latest e-commerce platforms, business owners are able to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blogging, as well as mobile sites to their full advantage.

E-commerce providers, such as 3dcart, facilitated this trend by launching Version 3.2 which included a social media integration allowing merchants to connect their store directly to popular internet ‘hangouts.’ Users of 3dcart are able to place products directly on their Facebook fanpages, embed YouTube videos from their channel into their store, create a blog directly on their storefront, construct a mobile site for iPhone and Smartphone as well as the ability to ‘tweet’ straight from the store to Twitter.

"What many online retailers are finding during the back-to-school season is that dollars shift during this period to the back-to-school specialty merchants," stated Jimmy Rodriguez, Chief Technical Officer for 3dcart. "Social networks allow online stores that are not typically seen as back-to-school destinations to be creative in their customer messaging. The immediacy of social platforms allows these retailers to quickly establish sales, gift ideas and other promotions that put them into the back-to-school mix."

The result is increased traffic and revenue for online sites of all kinds, but in the month of August, the focus has been shifted to online stores selling back-to-school merchandise. Even teachers are being marketed to by businesses like curriculum material retailer, Montessori for Everyone ( The company’s 6,000+ Facebook fans are now turning into customers thanks to their integrated Facebook store through its 3dcart-powered social interface.

"Our Facebook page has become one of my favorite places—a way to interact with existing customers and meet new people all at once. By sharing a wide variety of helpful links, I can attract people to my Facebook page and then introduce them to my business," said Lori Bourne, owner of Montessori for Everyone.

"With over 500 million users, Facebook can outperform virtually any other single media outlet ever in history. Its reach exceeds any television network, major newspaper, magazine or any any other forum," said Gonzalo Gil, CEO of 3dcart. "When you look at the potential of social networks to build relationships and disseminate information instantly, at little to no cost, there's no question that it is transforming the e-commerce landscape."

3dcart's Social Packages are now available for users of 3dcart 3.2. For complete information including pricing and package demos, go to