The “Shout it Out” Friday series gives us a chance to highlight some incredible new e-stores that have recently gone live using 3dcart.

In doing so, we strive to help new merchants gain exposure while also showcasing the power of our incredible ecommerce solution.

In the past week alone, nearly 75 stores have opened shop with 3dcart, and we’re proud to feature the following nine.

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Saving Lincoln


Saving Lincoln is the unforgettable true story of President Abraham Lincoln and his closest friend, U.S. Marshal Ward Hill Lamon. When the first assassination attempt occurs on the way to Washington in 1861, banjo-playing, pistol-wielding Lamon appoints himself Lincoln's bodyguard. From this unique perspective, Lamon witnesses every aspect of Lincoln’s fiery trial as Commander-in-Chief, soothes his friend's tormented soul, and saves him from repeated attempts on his life. Lamon is away on a mission when Lincoln is killed, yet it is Lamon who redefines that tragic event in a surprising and uplifting way. Saving Lincoln is a visually unique film, set within actual photographs of the American Civil War.

CT River Candles

CT River Candles

CT River Candles was inspired by the beauty of the Connecticut River and a personal love of creating handmade products. Our soy candles are hand poured in Haddam, Connecticut using 100% natural soy wax. We use the finest fragrance oils designed to provide the maximum scent possible. Our customers often comment on how strongly scented our soy candles are, how wonderful they smell and what great customer service we provide. Soy wax is all natural and renewable unlike paraffin. Soy Candles burn clean and provide a long lasting scent.

Allergy Pet Depot

Allergy Pet Depot

Chances are you have a four legged best friend who has been suffering from allergies.  Perhaps your dog has severe itching, hair loss, hot spots, chews it's paws or at their skin and is wholly miserable from these allergy symptoms.  Or a cat who has cat acne, swollen eyes, and vomits occasionally and is very unhappy.  We have been in your situation and can provide help!

A Bird Toy

A Bird Toy

18 years ago, we as pet bird owners were unhappy with the selection of bird toys at our local pet shop. None of the toys on their displays were toys that we wanted to put into our birds cages! We began making toys because we knew that with some effort and knowledge of bird safety, we could build a better bird toy... and that's what we've done ever since.



After many years as a college professor teaching business at a small New England college, my love for jewelry design has become a reality. As a 25-year veteran designing jewelry and lead designer for Sarahdipiti, I am passionate about my jewelry craft. I take pride in my accessories and I use only 9.25 sterling silver and authentic Swarovski Austrian crystals and pearls, freshwater pearls as well as natural substances such as shell , bone, horn ,wood, bamboo, paper, cotton , cinnabar and  semi-precious gemstones which I obtain from all over the globe in my custom crafted, keepsake quality pieces. I am continuously updating my inventories and following fashion trends with color and design, in order to offer my customers top quality stylish designs in jewelry and accessories.

Hot Mess Brand Speed Soap

Hot Mess

Hot Mess Brand Speed soap is a revolutionary new product that acts as a cleaning foam you spray on in the shower.  Not only is it a faster way to clean your body, it also leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Hot Mess Speed Soap is great for sensitive skin, and it’s carefully constructed formula contains no artificial chemicals. All natural and very easy to use, Hot Mess Speed Soap will change the way you shower!

Baby Bottoms Boutique, LLC

Baby Bottoms

Welcome to Babybottoms Boutique! We are an online retailer that sells "modern cloth diapers and more." Our goal is to spread the word about modern cloth diapers and its benefits for you, your baby and our environment!



GoNumb’s Insane Numbing Cream is a topical anesthetic which does not require a prescription.  You can use it on tattoos & tattoo removals, piercings, waxing, botox, and laser hair removal treatments.  With 5% lidocaine cream it will keep you pain free while giving the professional a very steady skin surface to work on.  And it can be reapplied for longer sessions! The strongest pain free numbing cream for your next body art procedure.

Walker Candle Works


Our Candles are hand poured from 100% Natural Soy Wax and our wicks are made of 100% natural cotton. Soy Wax is biodegradable and free from toxins such as pesticides, herbicides and petroleum. Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. Soy's greatest advantage is that it is completely renewable resource.

Our candles are non-toxic, eco-friendly and water soluble. Since the candles are made with natural ingredients, the containers can be safely re-purposed after cleaning with soap and hot water. Our candles are a Green, healthy choice for sharing and enjoying your favorite aromas.