App Store News - GoDataFeed

Submitting your products to shopping engines is, by far, the best way to drive traffic to your site.  After all, a shopping engine is basically a search engine for people who are actively looking to buy!  3dcart makes the process of submitting your products to shopping engines quite easy with our built-in feed generation algorithms for 10 of the most popular shopping engine services; including Google base, Shopzilla, and Bing.  Simply log into your 3dcart online store admin and go to Marketing =>Shopping Engines to select which shopping feed you’d like to generate for your store.

However, even though we’ve made creating the feeds as easy as possible for you, you still have to submit the feeds to their respective search engines – one at a time.  This in itself can be quite time-consuming if you have hundreds or even thousands of products in your store.

This is where GoDataFeed can come to your rescue!

With GoDataFeed you need just one feed created for your store.  That’s right, just one feed which is automatically generated by your 3dcart store and updates itself automatically as you make changes!

This feed is then submitted to your GoDataFeed account where you can optimize it and submit it automatically to over 60 different shopping engines – all at once!

Also, with GoDataFeed’s built-in analytic reports, you can track the effectiveness of each shopping engine service to help you optimize your feeds even further.

With plans starting at $50 a month, GoDataFeed is the affordable and easy way to manage your shopping engines feeds.  Try them today – risk free – with their special $0.99 trial!