zapierRunning a business may not always entail backbreaking work, but it is often comprised of daily, time-consuming tasks. Whether you’re running a small bakery or a large electronics shop, odds are there are facets of your business that you’d be happier not handling.

But what if there was a way to simplify business operations? A way to cut out all of the tedious work that eats into your valuable time, and give you the freedom to get back to the work that matters most to the success of your business.

Zapier, a web automaton service, can help you do just that. With Zapier, you can build “Zaps” which can automate varied parts of your business.

So what’s a Zap, exactly? It’s a blueprint for a task you’d like to do over and over again, made up of two parts: a trigger and an action. An example might be "When I get a new entry from a Wufoo form, create a new lead in Salesforce." Once you’ve created a zap, you’re all set – Zapier will continue to run it automatically without any guidance or additional effort on your part.

Zapier supports hundreds of apps. You can mix and match nearly any combination of triggers and actions to automate just about anything and everything. Quickly and easily eliminate repetitive, tedious tasks without having to rely on expensive freelance developers to build you a custom solution.

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