Today's customers aren't only shopping on the go, they're checking out in a hurry, too. As an increasing number of shoppers opt for the convenience of their mobile phones, more and more online merchants are discovering inane typos are to blame for their costly, carrier-imposed penalty fees.

Unfortunately, invalid shipping addresses are more than just an expensive nuisance, they can spell disaster for your business's reputation and customer experience as well. A wrong address can result in the delay of a delivery, generate a returned package to your business, or even end at the wrong address. As for your customer waiting at home for their package? There's a high probability you've lost their loyalty, and with it their lifetime value.

Despite the prevalence of checkout errors, there are ways to eliminate the potential roadblocks between customers and their purchase. And the solution is simpler than you might imagine: an address verification service.

An AVS is a system that verifies whether a customer's entered address is registered with a major shipping carrier(s), such as USPS, and informs customers when a wrong shipping address has been entered, ensuring your products are always shipped to the correct place.

3dcart's Address Verification can seamless integrate with your Single Page Checkout or Multi-page Checkout process to automatically verify and standardize the shipping address provided by the customer.

Address Verification features include:

  • The Address Verification add-on will check the domestic destination address using the USPS address matching system.
  • Address Verification will display the correct shipping address to the shopper during checkout, fixing any typos and format issues according to USPS standards to avoid delivery delays.
  • If there are multiple matches to one address, Address Verification will prompt the shopper for a selection, giving them the opportunity to correct the problem before the order is completed.

To add Address Verification to your checkout process and start reducing costly errors, visit the 3dcart App Store.