If you haven't heard of Pinterest, you're in for an awesome treat. Not only is Pinterest one of the most addicting social networks the Internet has to offer but it has awesome potential for merchants to market their products to the thousands of avid pinners.

But first things first,here's an overview of everything you need to know to get started!

Pinterest 101

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a social image site which allows users to organize and share image bookmarks in visually beautiful way.


Pin: Using their bookmarked or through their mobile app, users can 'pin' images from any site on the web. Each 'pin' is a link to the website where the image originated.

Board: Users have “boards” which help them organize their images into categories like “recipes” or “style.”

Follow: Users can choose to follow one of your specific boards or choose to follow you, which automatically follows all of your boards.

Repin: All of Pinterest's content is open, meaning that your friends ( pulled in from social networks) or total strangers can browse your pins and boards. They can choose to 'repin' your content to their boards.

Activity: The 'viral' nature of Pinterest comes from users being about to see each others activity on their home screen in a stream that resembles Twitters 'stream.'

How to start using Pinterest.

1. First, you'll need an invite. You can request one here OR the first two people to comment here will get 3dcart's invites!

2. Second, you ned to install the bookmarklet or browser extension.  Here's how to install the Chrom extension:

3. Start pinning!

Stay tuned because tomorrow we'll share some easy ways to market your products using Pinterest!