Understanding PageRank

PageRank refers to Google's algorithm for assessing the relevance and value of every webpage. of every webpage. Different pages within a particular website are given different pagerank evaluations which Google assigns a number  from 0-10.
Main factors that affect pagerank:

  • How long the page has existed
  • Internal inks
  • Site structure
  • Page load time
  • Quality and number of external links pointing the page

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Googles PageRank affects its search results or SERPs but it is not the only or the main factor.

Understanding SERPs

SERP's refers to where your website appears on Google's search results on any given keyword.

Google's SERP are based on value of content, keywords ( SEO), and then on the pagerank. Google has done  a good job of ensuring fairness in SERPS so that a site doesn't have to have tons of traffic and backlinks to rank well for a keyword.  SERPS are why on-page SEO  is so important.

Main factors that affect SERPS:

  • Optimized Key Phrases **Tip: Use keywords and internal links at the beginning of content
  • Title tags
  • Page URL
  • Meta Description (Page Description/Summary)
  • Anchor text
  • Tags
  • Page Length

PageRank vs SERPS

High pagerank is based mostly on quality and number of backlinks and SERPS are mostly affected by on-page and off-page SEO. SERP rankings can also help your pagerank but you don't neccesarily have to have good SERPs for Google to rank you high.

Which one should I care about more?

Well, thats a complicated question. Since Google's Panda update, experts are noticing that pagerank is starting to affect SERPS more than it had perviously. While it's no one's favorite answer,  you should care about both. Google's althorgithm is always in flux and every now and then the search king throws a curveball like the Panda update so its best consider both.

Divide your focus between SERPS and PageRank - make sure your content is keyword optimized, uses anchor text but also work on gaining quality backlinks by guest blo
gging or forum commenting. The good news is, with two factors to consider your store wont live and die by pagerank. Just like all things worth working towards in life, SEO takes patience and focus but in the end is totally worth your time