Open for BusinessAfter all the hard work that went into designing your website, coming up with stunning photos and descriptions for your products, and all that e-commerce jazz, you're finally ready to get launched!

So how do you go about opening your store for business?

Follow these 5 steps to have an unforgettable online store opening:

1.      Set a Launching Date.

You don't just wake up one day and post a status on Facebook that says, "Today I am opening my store." It's better to work your way up toward that special opening day, get people excited about it with teasers, and launch with a great event that celebrates the start of your online business. So choose your preferred day and tell people to save the date!

2.      Plan Your Strategy.

In order to make people feel that your store's launching date is truly an event to look forward to, you need to plan it well. Even the marketing should be laid out properly and thoroughly, depending on your chosen strategy.

Are you going to give out free coupons on your opening day? Will you be giving on-the-day discounts for those who sign up for your email list? It would also depend on the nature of your business. Let's say you're selling weight loss products. Then you can give out free meal plans and raffle off program memberships, weight loss e-books, and more. Indeed there are plenty of attention-grabbing and delightful tactics you can come up with in order to have a successful launch.

3.      Spread the Word.

Naturally, it's very important to let as many people know about your launching as possible. Why don't you prepare a couple of e-invites to give out to your friends and to your followers on different social media networks? You can even come up with your own Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest network too. If you have someone to manage the posts for these different platforms, then you'll likely be able to get the word out faster.

4.      Throw a Virtual Party.

Just like with physical stores, you can also throw an opening day party. It doesn’t have to be as costly, though, because you can opt for a virtual one. You can hold it in webinar form and provide some entertainment--- music, videos, games, a raffle, and more!

5.      Have an Introductory Sale.

People are likely to flock to your store even more if you'll be holding an introductory sale. Offer big discounts for a limited period, maybe until a week after the launch date. Offer even bigger markdowns or have a buy-one-take-one promo on the day of the opening. You're bound to make a lot of sales on your first day of business!