You cut the turkey and drizzle gravy over your portion. Your mouth is watering as you lift that first bite to your lips—and your phone buzzes. A complex order just came in through your online store and you’re not quite sure how to handle it. This could take all night! If only you had a little help.

Guess what? You do.

3dcart support staff will be standing by all day and all night on Thanksgiving to make sure your business is never without a lifeline.

Whether you plan to contact us via phone, email, ticket or chat, someone will be online to help you deal with your issue swiftly.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most important ecommerce days of the year. Keeping your store prepared and well-kept are absolutely crucial around Thanksgiving. Unwavering support is a must.

The busy season is about to kick into full gear. Your store has to be ready for any possibility at any time—and that’s why we promise to be available 24/7/365. That includes holidays. Online shoppers never rest, and neither do we.

Introducing your Thanksgiving support team! These five support all-stars are ready to take on any issues you might run into over the holiday.

• Andrew Jennings
• Fulani Clarke
• Stephen Walker
• Xavier Pierre
• David Land

Need to get in touch with support this Thanksgiving? Try one of the options below.

• Call us at 800.828.6650
• Email
• Search the 3dcart forums for the answers to your question
• Live chat with support, submit a ticket or search our knowledge base
• Browse our training videos
• Visit 3dcart University for ecommerce tips & troubleshooting

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