Most online merchants have more than one eCommerce store. Whether those additional stores are micro-sites selling niche items from the main store or a re-branded version of the full-line store with different pricing or shipping policies, they all come with a unique challenge – inventory management.

In most cases, an eCommerce store's inventory is handled on a per-store basis with quantities of items on hand having to be updated daily in the store's back end. For someone who only has one store, that doesn't pose much of a problem. However, store owners with common products sold across multiple stores have to upload inventory quantities on each individual store. This time consuming process often leads store owners to forgo uploading inventory levels each day.

Not having accurate inventory displayed on the eCommerce store can lead to lost sales. Imagine the sales that can be lost, especially during the holidays, by not updating inventory and having your most popular items display “out of stock” when in fact your warehouse received the items two days ago.

If you're running multiple online stores on the 3dcart eCommerce platform, you can kiss complex inventory management goodbye thanks to the release of a new inventory management feature.

Multi-Store Product Sync is designed to make inventory management across multiple stores simple and easy. This new plug-in allows the eCommerce store owner to share inventory across all his/her stores. When a customer orders an item, the inventory count for that item is automatically adjusted on each store the item is sold. Now, instead of uploading inventory levels to multiple stores, it only has to be done once.

If you've been putting off opening a second store because of the challenges of inventory management, now is the perfect time to reconsider. Additional stores allow you to sell in different countries by opening a new storefront in a different language or allow you to speak to a segment of the marketplace your main store doesn't have by opening a store that caters to a specific demographic. Of course, one of the biggest benefits of opening additional stores is to dominate the marketplace and the search engine results, assuming you take the correct approach with content.

One thing to remember, even though this new feature makes it easy to manage inventory across multiple stores, it doesn't eliminate the task of uploading inventory daily. You owe it to your shoppers and your bottom line to keep your inventory up-to-date by refreshing it at least once per day and immediately after out-of-stock items have been received.

You can learn more about this awesome feature - click here.