imac-admin22015 was an exciting year for 3dcart. After years of development, Version 7.0 released internationally, introducing over 17,000 merchants to the most powerful platform and the latest industry standards in usability. In addition to a plethora of innovative, new features, the update also brought about a much needed overhaul to the 3dcart store admin panel.

Designed in response to the feedback of 3dcart’s large and expanding community and extensive industry research, the new admin interface is a proud reflection of 3dcart’s vision for a fluid, ever-evolving platform.

As a 3dcart merchant, you can now benefit from the following exciting interface improvements and additions:

Floating Top Bar

Easily view your online store, conduct searches, and access services, regardless of the admin page you’re viewing, with the new floating top bar. Whether you’re navigating on a desktop or tablet, our new persistent bar eliminates any need for time-consuming scrolling.

Quick Search

Locate products, customers, and orders faster than ever before with the newly improved Quick Search function. Save valuable seconds with a real time preview of possible search results and convenient search categorization labels.

Store Notifications

Always stay up-to-date with store activities using the new Notifications feature. Optionally receive alerts pertaining to new orders, CRM messages, product reviews, product questions, registered affiliates, and RMA requests – visible right from your new floating top bar.

Direct Service Access

Open Live Chat, view stats, and access SmarterMail from any page of your admin, without any need for scrolling. All of your essential services can be quickly accessed by clicking the user icon/username in the upper right hand corner.

Global WYSIWYG Control

Turn off (or on) every available WYSIWYG section of the Online Store Manager with just one click, including those found on product information tabs, site content pages and header and footers. Enable/disable this setting right from the user icon/username located in your top bar.

Personalized Layout

Select an admin theme that best matches your mood or style. Choose from default, dark, sunny, or light for a customized layout that’s a reflection of you and your store. Enable/disable this setting from the user icon/username located in your top bar.

Reorganized Navigation Menu

The main navigation menu has been reorganized around core aspects of your business, ensuring easier and more intuitive everyday store management. Quickly locate and access marketing and content areas, which now feature their own dedicated sections.

Real-Time Data Display

Stay up-to-date with your store’s progress using your admin’s real-time count display. Conveniently view a real-time count of your orders, products and customers right from your navigation menu.

Intuitive Module Search

Quickly locate your favorite modules using the new search function found on your Modules page. Save valuable time scrolling through our ever-expanding list of built-in features and jump right to the module you’re looking for.

Advanced Features

The new admin interface, designed by renowned industry experts, is comprised of a host of new technical features, including powerful grids, advanced search filters, dynamic editing of fields, and drag and drop functionality.


Whether you’re using your home or office desktop, or on the go with a tablet, your store’s admin is easily accessible from whichever device you prefer. Responsive technology allows you to manage your online store easier, and with more flexibility, than ever before.

Check Out Your New Admin

If you’re not familiar with some of these features, head on over to your store admin and check them out! We’re excited about our new interface update, and can’t wait to empower you further with more tools, bigger updates, and new features and services through the months and years to come.