Rungreen Mows Down the Competition with 3dcart

Paul, you've been with 3dcart awhile, could you tell us where Rungreen started and give us some background?

I took over the site from a John Deere dealership that had been very proactive in moving to online sales- and was in fact online before John Deere itself. From there it was revamped after being sold to another dealership, and the rest is history.

Did you try any other shopping carts before settling on 3dcart?

We came to 3dcart after moving from Monstercommerce, after careful selection and trials of other carts. We’d had only one cart- Monstercommerce.

How have sales been ?

Sales in the past year are up roughly 10% in the last year and 20% in the last 3 months.

Thats quite an increase!  What are some of your current e-commerce goals?

Our goal is always to expand our product line, bring in new customers, and possibly launch more 3dcart sites with related products.

Speaking of products, I was quite surprised to see the selection of John Deere branded merchandise you sell. You seem to have everything BUT tractors. Are there any products that you like in particular?

Our favorite product in the database could be several- but I’m impartial to the John Deere Crib Bedding Set- it’s unique and we had been asking about it for years before it came about.

What do you like best about 3dcart?

The thing I like best about 3Dcart is ease of use. Even though you can choose to use configurable options, anyone- and I mean anyone- can use their software. It has just as many features as other much pricier solutions, and yet has as much as we need to do a booming business.

You say that you were with Monstercommerce before, how has 3dcart changed your business?

I would definitely say that 3dcart has boosted our business. This is most noticeable in Search Engine Optimization. We jumped up in search engines as soon as we joined 3dcart.

We have recommended, and had several others switch or start with 3dcart. If they like our site, and want something easy, we tell them- and they are always surprised at how little it can cost.

Paul, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. It’s my pleasure to award you with the 3dcart Excellence in Ecommerce award for May2010.

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