A proposed Internet retail tax has online merchants scrambling. The new plan would require online stores to collect taxes that satisfy the buyer’s home state requirements.

We wanted to weigh in and let you know that 3dcart customers shouldn’t worry. We’re well equipped to handle the changing tax landscape.

A bipartisan plan, the Marketplace Fairness Act is meant to level the playing field between online and brick-and-mortar stores. The latter group already pays state taxes. Some politicians argue that online stores get an unfair advantage, avoiding these kinds of taxes.

All in all, bill supporters believe this leads to showrooming—when consumers visit a store to try out an item, then log on to purchase it for less.

Opponents are labeling the bill a logistical nightmare. They’re worried that calculating and collecting state sales tax for every state a business operates in is well beyond the scope of today’s software.

We’re not here to lobby for or against the bill. What we are here to tell you is that if the bill passes, you’ll have the tools you need to adjust your business accordingly.

Here are three ways your online store is equipped for the tax change through 3dcart.

1. Avalara


Avalara is a fresh add-on for 3dcart merchants looking for a powerful way to control taxes. It’s an essential ecommerce service that automates sales tax, saving merchants like you the headache of trying to learn accounting as you go.

The company stays on top of new state laws regarding taxes, updating the software on the fly to make sure online stores like yours are never exposed to audit risk. It’s especially powerful in that it calculates sales tax in real-time, ensuring you charge customers correctly.

By adding Avalara, you get a hassle-free way to stay on top of law changes like the Marketplace Fairness Act. Getting onboard now makes sure you’re prepared if Congress passes it.

2. TaxCloud


Tested and certified by state revenue departments, TaxCloud is a 3dcart add-on that handles calculation, collection and filing for all 45 states that charge sales tax. Like Avalara, TaxCloud operates in real-time to calculate taxes for customers.

After the one-time installation fee, TaxCloud is free to use. It’s another powerful option for dealing with the Marketplace Fairness Act if it makes it through Congress.

3. WA State Destination-based Sales Tax Calculator


Washington State has its own unique sales tax situation. To cover merchants shipping from or to WA, 3dcart includes an add-on that automatically calculates WA-specific tax.

The add-on works in conjunction with the Department of Revenue’s Washington Sales Tax Rate Library (WSRL) to ensure your store abides by WA state laws.


Stay Informed

These tools make sure you’re prepared for anything. But it’s also important to stay informed on new legislation as it passes. Be sure to check back often for ecommerce- and tax-related news here on the 3dcart blog.