The digital revolution didn't just revolution how you shop, it also revolutionized what you shop. Instead of physical goods, many merchants are selling bits & bytes in the form of e-books, mp3 music files, downloadable images, software, videos, & product keys. With a different form of product, comes a different method of marketing.

The 5 tips for selling digital merchandise shown below will help you increase visitors and sell more digital downloads in your online store.

1. Focus on a digital products niche market

The key to selling digital downloads is focus. Focusing on a specific good , topic or service, allows you to better market your products, promote your products to a specialized target audience and build strong SEO on industry keywords.

2. Use standard file formats for digital downloads

I know it doesn't sound like marketing, but  using standard file formats (PDF for ebooks, MP3 for audio files, etc.) ensures all users will be able to easily download and use your products. If you choose to use a format that is not standard, you cut you could cut your customer base in half.

3. Give previews of your downloadable content

Give your customers a little taste of the digital product before purchase. For example allowing your customer to read two chapters of your ebook, playing the first level of your gaming software, or listening to samples of your music  before downloading. Pick your previews wisely. You know your products - make sure the preview of your merchandise are as alluring as possible.  If your third chapter is really gripping include it in the preview. If your song has three chart toppers, allow those as previews.

4. Promote immediacy of instant downloads

A considerable upside for customers buying digital downloads rather than physical products is immediate access to the product. Promote the immediate accessibility to your customers by marketing your products as an “easy, no wait” solution.

5. Secure downloads with serial numbers or keys

If you are selling software, consider implementing serial numbers or keys validation. Adding a validation process protects your businesses from digital piracy. Serial numbers & keys also communicate to the buyer that a purchase is necessary i.e. they can''t find the product on an illegal downloading site.  3dcart allows you to upload a list of serial numbers and distribute each one of these as orders are received on your website. You can have just a preset number of keys and reuse them between customers—or, you can actually enter a unique serial number for each customer and keep track of who activates your software online.