When talking about optimizing your online store for Google, many people consider it a bit of a cat and mouse game. They assume that Google is out to make it hard to get indexed and they'll have to figure out the tricks and loopholes to get their online store listed high on the Google results. This is a myth that started back in the early days of the internet, when you could trick search engines by many underhanded means. Nowadays, Google and other search engines, work hard to level the playing field. Their commodity is search results, and it is in their best interest to provide the knowledge and tools to everyone, with the hopes that they will optimize their websites within the guidelines set forth by Google.

We receive calls from customers, every day, wondering how to optimize their online stores. The first place we advise people to go is Google themselves.  Their Webmaster Tools area is robust with tools and documents that will train anyone into optimizing their site.

Although 3dCart is the industry leader in optimizing your products and pages with the standard meta tags and behind the scenes technology, you should not stop there.  Google ignores all keyword metatags anyway, so you've got to make sure your online store has content and descriptions that give Google a reason to index you.Make sure that you aren't just offering products but also have informative pages that assist and educate your visitors. To get an idea of the difference this can make, imagine being in the market for a new laptop. Who are you more apt to purchase from? A reputable retail store that offers a knowledgeable sales team who can answer any of your questions, or a big chain store that sells it for a cheaper price, but only has sales staff there to ring up your purchase?

Check out these links, supplied by Google, for ways you can improve your ranking.

  • Webmaster Central blog: The official blog of the Webmaster Central team (plus the occasional special guest), and a great source for tips and advice on building Google-friendly sites. This is where we announce new features and share the latest information we think will be useful to webmasters.
  • Webmaster Guidelines: Google's definitive advice and recommendations for webmasters. Follow these broad guidelines, and you won't go wrong.
  • Webmaster Tools Discussion Forum: If you have a question, chances are somebody else has asked it already.
  • Google Webmaster Help channel on YouTube: Helpful videos on all aspects of Webmaster Tools. We add new videos frequently, so check back often.
  • Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide: A detailed guide to best practices in search engine optimization, with plenty of illustrations and examples.
  • Google for Webmasters: A detailed overview of how Google crawls and indexes the web, and serves search results.