'Abandoned Cart'  - the words are enough to send chills down a merchant's spine.

Every  online retailer fights the good fight of skittish shoppers and abandoned orders. But when merchants arm themselves information on WHY customers click off without checking out, they can win the battle!

Here's what we know:

  • The average conversion rate for ecommerce websites is anywhere between 1-2%
  • The average shopping cart abandonment rates is around 60-70%
  • A study conducted by PayPal and ComScore found that 45% of consumers abandoned carts more than once with an average abandoned order of $109.00
  • 37% of consumers abandoned a shopping cart because of comparison shopping.
  • 27% abandoned a shopping cart to search for coupons
  • 24% abandoned because they wanted more payment options
  • 22% abandoned because were not able to easily find contact information for the merchant

Knowledge is power, but without action that power fails to pack a punch. Here's some easy fixes that will help you convert higher:

Reach Out

If most cart abandoners are repeat offenders, catch them before their second round. Set email auto-responders to reach out to customers who have abandoned their cart reminding them of their cart AND offering a coupon.

Be Bold

Savvy shoppers will comparison shop. No way around it. If you feel that you REALLY are the best deal in town or that you offer the best value ( price, store security, loyalty points etc), be bold.  List your competitions prices and explain how you are the best deal.

Show them the coups'

Customers don't like to play hide the coupon. Display the actual coupon or a link to the coupon page on the product page as well as the check out page.
Tip: List ALL coupon codes and corresponding items on the checkout page. Unable to resist a good deal, savvy shoppers will add additional items to their cart.

Be Flexible

Don't let payment options stand between you and a good deal. Check out 3dcarts 100+ payment solutions.

Don't Hide

Be easily accessible.Give customers all options of communications: phone, fax, email, livechat - maybe even your Skype name. Display contact information at the top of the pag - every page.

Image credit: sascian.blogspot.com