Royal Yarn & 3dcart; A Close Knit Team

Fernando, what brought you to 3dCart ?

My online world is shaped by integration; there is no single “best of breed” solution.  So, I look for systems that easily integrate with other systems.  In 3dcart’s case, what brought me originally was its complete integration with Stone Edge Order Manager.  Between 3dcart (frontend) and Order Manager (backend), we can easily scale to order volume many times our current level.  Furthermore, 3dcart recent announcement regarding its various integrations with Facebook and Twitter available in version 3.2 is very gratifying and potentially lucrative.

How have sales been in the past year?

We are about 10% down to last year.  We sell crafts supplies which are particularly susceptible to cutbacks in consumer spending. What is your favorite product in your product database?
Between both 3dcart stores, we sell about 30,000 items.  So it is hard for me to pick just ones.  In general, however, I like selling the patterns for our knitting yarn store; it is always fun to see the fresh ideas the fashion designers create each season.

Which shopping carts did you try before coming to 3dcart?

I started selling online in late 2002 using Microsoft’s BCentral shopping cart.  Then I migrated to Monster Commerce, then landed with 3dcart almost two years ago. I am very satisfied with 3dcart where I am impressed by the level of customer service and managements’ commitment to product improvement and development.

What do you have on the horizon?

Back to my main theme of integration, I constantly look for ways to extend my catalog into all venues where customers reside, whether they are on Ebay, Amazon, comparative shopping sites.  The other focus I have is developing ways to increase the size of my catalog by adding more product categories.

What prompted you to start selling online?

I owned several brick & mortar business in the past. One business was a website development and design firm at the high of the internet craze in 2000/2001.  One of my programmers built his own bead retail site in 2001 and was soon selling $150,000 from his home late 2001. At seeming his success and convinced that the internet was the future of retailing, I should all business and plunged into the online world soon afterwards.

What feature do you like best? How has 3dCart increased your business?

What I appreciate the most about 3dcart is the SEO capabilities. This feature alone has enabled me to more than double my business since joining 3dcart.  3dcart built-in SEO features like automatic sitemaps.xml, category & page meta tag customization, html rewrite scripting, etc. that make it very effective in attaining 1st page position on most search engine result pages.

Fernando, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. It’s my pleasure to award you with the 3dcart Excellence in Ecommerce award for June 2010.

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What brought you to 3dCart ?