Joe Palko Brings 15+ Years of eCommerce Experience to 3dCart Team

To keep a well-oiled machine running at maximum efficiency, you need to add new working parts. That’s our goal here at 3dCart: to become the premier powerhouse of the eCommerce industry—and that’s why we’ve brought on a new member to keep our locomotive chugging at full steam.

We’d like all of our customers to join us in welcoming Joe Palko as our new Chief Marketing Officer and a critical new member to the 3dCart community.

Joe’s been an active player in eCommerce ever since he co-founded The Ferret Store ( in 1994, an online pet supply retailer that blew up into into a multi-brand, multi-million dollar company of pet websites, and one of the leading industry distributors in the US in 2000.

In 2001, Joe started Solid Cactus (, a web development and small business incubator company that was bought by in 2009. Since then, Joe has filled the VP of eCommerce role at, and he’ll bring more than 15 years of eCommerce expertise to the 3dCart team.

Joe’s entrepreneurial prowess gives him a unique perspective on how our customers do business, the challenges faced by startups and the ways we can help all of you build even better businesses.

But where Joe excels the most is in the eCommerce space. We believe the release of 3dCart 4 is a huge step forward in eCommerce, and we hope to pave the way for the industry with unique, forward-thinking features that set high standards for our competition. Joe’s knowledge of the field will play an integral role in how our software continues to evolve, helping us foster our small business community with the tools and features that save you time and money.

Please give Joe a warm welcome to 3dCart!