3dcart currently partners with over 200 ecommerce companies, and constantly adding new ones. These partnerships allow online merchants to expand the 3dcart functionality to specific business needs.

Each month 3dcart highlights a featured partner. For the month of January, the Featured Partner is 4-Tell. Our team interviewed Wendi Makuch, 4-Tell’s Director of Marketing to help 3dcart merchants get an insight of their company and solution.

Could you share how 4-Tell started out?
4-Tell grew out of the Netflix competition, in which Netflix crowd-sourced a solution to improve their recommendation engine. We finished in the top 1.5% out of over 40k teams, and now serve over 2B recommendations a month, analyzing 425M shopping behaviors nightly for our over 250 customers around the world.

What’s the main service 4-Tell offers?
4-Tell provides an integrated suite of products allowing merchants to deliver individually personalized product recommendations to shoppers across all channels – web, mobile, email, ads, and in-store. We analyze aggregate and individual shopper behavior dynamically, so recommendations change with every click a shopper makes. This dynamic personalization increases sales 17%.

Consider the power of personalized recommendations on your product detail pages, in your cart, in a shipping confirmation email, and even abandoned cart and browse email.

How long you’ve been a partner with 3dcart and how do you describe the integration compared to other partners?
4-Tell integration is easy – it’s free and we do it for you! We’ve been a 3dcart partner since 2011.

What are the benefits 3dcart Merchants could get from using 4-Tell?
4-Tell’s Boost® Personalization software goes beyond simple category and brand recommendations. We increase sales 17% by delivering automated, personalized product recommendations – for web, email and mobile. Our personalized recommendations help your shoppers find what they’re looking for, using data you already have. Easy setup, flat-fee pricing and guaranteed results.

Interested in remarketing to shoppers who abandon your site?
Recommendations can be added not just to your 3dcart site, but to any email campaign, including site and cart abandonment, post-purchase, welcome and marketing email. Triggered and personalized email increase conversion because shoppers find email featuring personalized products helpful. Re-engage your shoppers with 4-Tell’s personalization.

We have a 10x ROI Guarantee, monthly or annual pricing, terrific customer service and lots of merchant filters and controls.

What are your solutions’ biggest strengths?
Real-time and dynamic personalization, 10X ROI guarantee with ongoing measurable results, FREE 3dcart integration, 30 day risk-free trial, and flexibility and control over the recommendations.

How much does it cost?
We charge a monthly subscription fee, based on usage and the size of your product catalog. This means you’re not handcuffed with an annual contract and we don’t require a revenue share.

How does your solution compare to similar solutions on the market?
There are no comparable solutions that offer everything 4-Tell does: none are as easy to implement, offer the same real-time and dynamic personalization, same low pricing, ease of measurement or ROI guarantees.

What plans do you have for future development of your solution?
We are actively working on the ability to acquire new prospects before they get to your site. We’ll use the prospect’s persona and look-alike customer data and behavior to ensure our recommendations are even more relevant in targeted email and ad campaigns.

The other visionary work being done is to help 3dcart merchants determine which prospects are likely to buy from your store. This will allow you to only target prospects that look like your customers. For instance, it will allow you to better target your ad spend or list buying. Bringing a laser-focus to customer acquisition and engagement will leverage and enhance all your marketing efforts.

Any other thoughts for our readers, who are mainly ecommerce merchants?
Your competition is just a click away. Being able to help your shoppers find what they’re looking for will help you win their business. Personalized product recommendations from 4-Tell are a key tool to help you increase your conversion and sales today.

To learn more about 4-Tell and how it can help you improve your online store, Register for our Free Webinar on "Using Personalization to Increase Sales" this Tue, Feb 3, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST.