Constant Contact found that users receive three permission-based emails a day. So what makes users open some and not others? Or worse than deleting your email, what makes users mark you as spam forever sending your emails to never never land?

The answer is pretty simple: Basic email etiquette, Quality over quantity, personal over pitch, and customer-centric messaging.

Basic email etiquette: The infographic below notes that two of the top four email irritators are attachment overload and forward frenzy.  Come on! That's annoying when its your friend! Treat your customers like friends. Don't forward emails to people you forgot to send the first time around, just email them separately ( just a little copy & paste people!). And before you attach anything, ask yourself if you can host the attachment on your site and merely link to the URL. Its a win, win - they're not annoyed, and they are already in your store!

Quality over quantity: Another one of the top four email irritators as listed by Loops Graphics. Users will start to trust your emails if you choose to send them out only when you have good reason. If they start to see your name pop up everyday and you haven't proven the value of your emails, off to the spam folder you are sent.

Friendly over annoying Who wants an infommercial to be sent to their inbox everyday? I know I don't. Make sure your subjects are more personal and friendly than 'Get it While Its Hot' sales pitches.

Customer-centric messagingPeople are self-centered - shocker! No one cares about your store, they care about what your store can do for them. Reread your emails, and think about how many times your store is the subject of the sentence. Try rewriting your copy to put the customer as the subject and your email will read totally different.