As an ecommerce store owner, have you ever wanted to watch, track and/or analyze how visitors use your website? Well, with 3dcart and Inspectlet, now you can!

Inspectlet is an amazing new application that’s been designed to record visitor sessions, provide eye-tracking heatmaps, capture real-time analytics and deliver custom metrics.  In other words, Inspectlet lets you track and record users’ mouse movements, keystrokes, clicks, etc… so you can see exactly what shoppers are looking for and how they use your website.

In addition, Inspectlet offers powerful conversion funnel analysis, a tool that lets you define a series of pages that lead toward a goal (like a signup or purchase) and watch screen captures of visitors that exited your site at a particular step. Now you can track where a potential conversion fell short so you can increase website functionality and avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over and over… and over again.

If you’re an ecommerce merchant that seeks to understand a users’ experience, Inspectlet’s Screen Capture feature will show you the whole story. Now, everything a shopper does in your e-store can be recorded and analyzed so you can create a better buying experience for everyone.

Understanding a user’s mindset will not only help increase conversion rates, it will also help e-store owners tailor incredibly effective marketing campaigns using homepage banners, carousels, call-to-action buttons, special promotions, etc...

Inspectlet is an incredibly effective, affordable tool making it a must-have application for every 3dcart store owners.

The introductory Inspectlet app is FREE, offers 100 recorded sessions, allows for one registered website and gives users access to features like eye-tracking heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, etc… With additional plans starting at just $9.99/month, adding the Inspectlet tool to your ecommerce arsenal is a fantastic idea that won’t break the bank. For more information on monthly plans and pricing, please visit the Inspectlet website.

If you would like to see Inspectlet in action, we invite you to use the online demo.

To request the application, visit Inspectlet’s dedicated landing page in 3dcart’s App Store and click the “Request App” button.

Thanks for taking the time to read everyone and remember, keep track to stay on track with 3dcart and Inspectlet.