Billions of people use the internet everyday to research and buy products, yet a large percentage of online businesses aren't doing everything they can to capitalize on this shopping trend.

Harnessing the power of online marketing is one of the most crucial facets of running a successful online store, and few online marketing channels are as powerful as Google Shopping. By putting your products in front of Google users, you can easily advertise your products to a global audience, increasing traffic and sales for your online store.

But creating, submitting, and updating a Google Shopping feed isn't always a fast or simple task, especially for merchants that lack the interest, time or energy for marketing.

3dcart's Automatic Google Shopping Feed Service makes it easy to capitalize on Google's dominion over the web. Merchants can get their products in front of eager shoppers without to waste time setting up, reviewing, and updating their feed.

The Automatic Google Shopping Feed Service includes:

  • Setup of Google Shopping Feed
  • Automation of Google Shopping Feed to submit to Google once per day.
  • Monthly review of Feed to make sure everything is submitting properly.
  • Google Merchant Center setup for product feeds.

To learn more about how you can automate your Google Shopping feed, visit the 3dcart App Store.