For the past six years, buySAFE has innovated on our products with a simple goal in mind - make our customers more success online merchants. I'm pleased to share the details of our latest product enhancements that have proven to exceed all of our expectations.  The enhancements are now live for all 3dCart merchants. Thank you to the hundreds of buySAFE merchants that participated in the testing over the past several months!

Our latest product enhancements include:

  • Free ID Theft Protection. With ID theft on the rise, 86% of consumers are concerned their identity may be stolen or sold if they buy from a website they are not familiar with. buySAFE now includes 30 days of free ID theft protection with every bonded transaction!  Eliminating this consumer concern has proven to have a tremendous impact on conversion rates.
  • buySAFE Recommended. buySAFE is now initially recommended to shoppers during checkout and shoppers can toggle the bonding option on and off.  Significant testing shows that buySAFE Recommended™ results in a 15.5% increase in website conversion compared to the 10.2% increase experienced by users of earlier versions of buySAFE.  buySAFE Recommended™ has also been show to increase website repeat buyers by more than 14%!
  • Merchant Revenue Share. buySAFE now provides all Bonded Merchants with a 20% revenue share on all bonds purchased from their website. For the typical merchant, this equates to adding an additional month of revenue to your bottom line every year!
  • New Cancel Bond Functionality. Merchants have always had the ability to cancel a bond from the 3dCart admin panel. When a bonded order is canceled, the bond is automatically canceled and the bond fee is refunded. Now you have the ability to cancel a buySAFE bond only without canceling the entire order. Simply click on the "Cancel buySAFE" link from the "Actions Menu" within the "Edit Order" interface. The bond will automatically be canceled and the bond fee refunded to the shopper without canceling the rest of the order and your buySAFE account will be credited as well.
  • Alternative Checkout Controls. You now have a choice of buySAFE checkout controls.  All of the new designs are optimized for various website designs, including background color.  Contact your account manager to request an alternative buySAFE checkout control or a demo of available controls.
  • Alternative Persistent Seals. The buySAFE Seal now appears in the bottom right corner of your website and remains visible through the shopping experience. You now have the option to have the Seal appear in any corner of the browser.  If you would like to try an alternative Seal location, contact your buySAFE account manager for more details.

As always, buySAFE and 3dCart are committed to helping you increase website conversion, revenue and profitability.  If you have any questions or you are interested in running a buySAFE Impact Test on your own website, please don’t hesitate to contact buySAFE customer support at (888) 926-6333 for assistance.