If you’re using as your payment gateway for your online store, you may have recently received several alarming email notifications about upcoming technical changes to the gateway.

In preparation for this update, 3dcart has already made the necessary changes to our system. As an online store owner, you do not have to make any changes to prepare for this update – your store and gateway will not be negatively impacted.

Here’s a brief overview of the changes being implemented by

  • Akamai SureRoute: will be using Akamai SureRoute, a third-party cloud network service, to help safeguard against interruptions caused by issues beyond their direct control, such as internet congestion, fiber cable cuts and other similar issues. For more information, visit
  • Transaction and Batch ID: In the coming months, it will be possible to receive IDs that are not sequential in order.
  • RC4 Cipher Disablement: will be disabling the RC4 cipher suite for the first half of 2016.
  • TLS Remediation for PCI DDS Compliance: TLS 1.0 will be disabled in sandbox and production in early 2017. In addition, due to concerns, they are discussing the possibility of disabling TLS 1.1 at the same time.

Again, there’s nothing you need to do to as an online store owner to prepare for these changes, and any subsequent email notifications regarding this update can be safely disregarded.

For more information about these changes, visit’s Developer Blog.