Guest post by: Bethany Ramos is an expert in Internet marketing and social media marketing, and she also co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the recent success of group coupon websites like Groupon and Living Social. The average Groupon has earned $8750 in revenue from roughly 350 sales. The average Groupon discount is roughly 56%, providing businesses with a convenient way to market and attract local customers by reaching out to them online.

Perhaps the greatest contributor to the smash success of a website like Groupon is its mass support in social media. Today, customers are looking for daily deals from businesses to save money. And it’s easier for customers to stay connected than ever before since most businesses have a presence in social media. When you put the pieces together, it’s clear that customers are on the lookout for daily deals, and the best way to connect with interested customers is online through social networks.

Group buying websites like Groupon, Living Social, and many other similar communities encourage each and every customer to tweet and post their purchase on Twitter and Facebook. In fact, they strongly encourage each customer to do this because if other customers buy based on their link, that first customer will get something for free.

So the key to group buying via social media is to not only introduce daily deals to keep customers interested but to reward customers for participating by spreading the daily deal to their own friends online.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to sign up to a group buying website in order to benefit from daily deals. You can take the lead from a large retailer like Verizon who made use of the hashtag feature on Twitter by creating #CyberMonday to promote daily deals for 24 days. 3dcart has also recently launched their own daily deal and group buying features with 3dcart 4.0, making it easy for e-commerce businesses using this shopping cart to create regular specials to market to interested customers.

So what is the key to your success when promoting daily deals in social media? The answer is that one size doesn’t fit all. While your business may benefit from a group buying website like Groupon that links to social media, another business may see great success by creating their own daily deals and starting a following on Twitter.

Whatever method you use, make it a priority to reward customers for spreading the word for you. If you give customers a reason to get involved, they’ll be more than happy to tell their friends about your deal to do most of the marketing work for you!

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