Every eCommerce merchant battles the arch nemesis of online sales - cart abandonment.

No fear! Free shipping is here!

Did you know a whopping 93% of online shoppers say free shipping would  encourage them to make more online purchases! Offering a Free shipping can give you a competitive advantage against other sites and convince your customers to complete their purchase.

With 3DCart,  you can offer free Shipping in a couple different ways depending on your what you are trying to offer.

1) Free Shipping Item

Each product has a Free Shipping check-box, by checking this a “free shipping” icon displays on the product page, and when checking out the free shipping option automatically displays because you’re buying the specific product.

2)   Free Shipping Promotion

Take advantage of 3DCart's Promotion Manager, (Marketing > Promotion Manage) you can create a Promotion where a coupon code can automatically give Free Shipping when applied to the order.

3) Free Shipping by Value

By creating a Shipping Method by Value, the Free Shipping can be offered to orders where the value is over a specific amount. In example, Orders over $100.

Once you have set-up free shipping on your store, get listed on www.freeshippingday.com. Your store will be promoted on National Free Shipping Day ( December 16, 2011). Take advantage of the listing because in the last 3 years National Free Shipping Day has been increasing in popularity and is fast becoming one of the best days in sales for eCommerce sites. Make sure your free shipping offer is easily noticeable. You have a competitive advantage over other websites and you want to make sure your customer knows! [Via: Fedex Shipping]


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