You have to keep customers engaged. You want them to return to your store and make a subsequent purchase. You expect them to tell their social network about their great experience with your store. But how do you make these things happen? And in the most streamlined manner?

Let us introduce you to your solution, Disqus. Disqus provides an interactive commenting platform for your site as well as connects your site to the massive Disqus enabled websites network. Disqus helps you build an online community of followers, shoppers and advocates for your product. Disqus employs three engaging techniques that are proven to encourage customer interaction. These include:

Sending Reply Notifications
When a visitor or shopper leaves a comment on your page they ideally want a response. So how do you let a seemingly anonymous poster know you’ve responded to their post? Well, Disqus does it for you. Disqus lets users know when a reply is waiting for them on your site. Posters receive a reply notification that includes a link so they can return to the original conversation and see the reply in context to the threaded conversation.

Fellow User Mentions
Using Disqus comments allows you to engage in a dialogue with your visitors. With Disqus you can mention another user in a comment using their display name that links to their profile. What this does is allows you to acknowledge your visitors and encourage them to keep interacting with your site. They want their profiles to be promoted, too.

Selecting Featured Comments
Disqus allows you to highlight your favorite comments on your page. By clicking the “Feature This Comment” selection in the comment’s dropdown arrow menu, you’ll showcase this comment at the top of the conversation.

Using Disqus takes your blog to the next level of interactivity with your audience by engaging in conversation directly on your site. And because Disqus is a highly integrated platform it makes it easy for users to share your product (and their conversations with your brand) with their social media audience.