Staying relevant to your consumer base is a tough task. Consumers globally are now using their mobiles significantly more than desktop; expand the potential of your website by converting it to a mobile app, and take advantage of the benefits that come with it.

Here are 4 key reasons why a mobile app will work for your business:

  1. Push Notifications

With an incredible 99% read rate, in comparison to a 22% open rate of a traditional email, push alerts bypass the inbox, and arrive right before the consumer’s eyes, immediately capturing the attention of the viewer.

Push notifications (when used correctly) are an efficient way to keep your business relevant, and increase the amount of users that return to the app.  A Localytics study has shown that when push alerts are enabled, it leads to an average of 88% more app launches than those who do not enable, highlighting the significant improvement in customer engagement that can be created.


  1. Accessibility at the Touch of their Fingers

With the majority of people all over the world now using mobiles more than a traditional desktop – the question is why the change? One reason – accessibility.

Converting your online store into an app means you no longer have to bother with URLs, meaning your loyal customers can reach you directly from their devices’ home screen.

Creating shortcuts for your customers to access your store has obvious benefits for your business, as the path to purchase is simplified. The secondary benefit is that your store’s ‘icon’ on your customers’ home screens serves as a clever marketing reminder for your customers to consider your store when making a purchase, and can work as a trigger to prompt greater sales activity.

  1. Make a Statement

Following on from the inherent marketing value of an app on your customers’ home screen is the message conveyed by your presence in the major app stores.

Have no doubt, innovation gets noticed. Show your customers that you’re committed to innovating ways for them to access your store, and providing the best user experience for them. Even if they continue to access your store in the traditional means, they will appreciate that you are considering them and providing more ways for easy interactions.

On top of that, presence in the major app stores will assist in your SEO too, as Google now takes app presence into consideration when providing their search results.

  1. It’s so easy!

Believe it or not, creating an app of your own is not a difficult task. In fact, with the introduction of My Mobile App to the 3dcart offering, it is now easier than ever before!

My Mobile App makes converting your store into an app easy by providing you with:

  • 3 step creation process. My Mobile App is The Easiest to Use App Builder in the World!
  • Automatically syncing your app with your website: any change you make to your site will be automatically reflected in your app.
  • No extra costs, no hidden charges, no set up fees, and no lock in contracts.
  • Your own personal Dashboard for easy management.

Mobile and apps are the way of the future, there’s no doubting that! Put yourself and your business ahead of the competition, and jump on board the mobile revolution.

Convert your site today to a mobile app with My Mobile App for only $15 per month.

This was a guest blog post by My Mobile App. Learn more about My Mobile App in our app store here.