Your 3dcart store is doing well. Its profit margins are up and now you’re ready to take things to the next level.  Before you set out on this adventure, however, you need to prepare yourself for the road ahead. It will be long, tedious at times and not without obstacles. You will experience growing pains, hardships and setbacks along the way. But when all things are said and done, you’ll stand alone atop the ecommerce summit waiting, practically begging for a competitor to try and throw you from your perch. When that happens, you can reluctantly be tossed around or you can fight back with 3dcart and GoDataFeed.

3dcart and GoDataFeed feature a strengthened partnership designed to help online store owners thrive by making it easy for merchants to sell products on popular comparison shopping engines/marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay and more than 70 others.  In addition, GoDataFeed now supports 3dcart’s advanced product options, which gives users the ability to easily upload specific item variations like color choice, size availability, etc… details that are necessary for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

“Once a retailer has established its presence through a leading ecommerce platform like 3dcart, the next step is reaching more qualified shoppers,” said Ro Grosman, GoDataFeed’s CEO.  “Through our joint efforts, 3dcart and GoDataFeed continue to empower online store owners by providing them the tools needed to maximize visibility and sales on the Internet's most popular shopping destinations.”


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Sending product feeds to meet the ever-changing requirements of each comparison shopping engine and marketplace can be complex and tedious.  In the past several months, major channels like Amazon and Google have tightened their datafeed requirements, underlining the importance for retailers to send the most optimized product information available.

"GoDataFeed takes the guesswork out of optimizing and automating shopping-feed syndication. This service is extremely beneficial to 3dcart merchants who wish to go beyond the virtual walls of their existing online store(s) to reach new audiences," said Gonzalo Gil, founder and CEO of 3dCart. “We’ve worked closely with the team over at GoDataFeed to provide our clients with everything they need to maximize sales and increase product visibility.”

GoDataFeed empowers 3dcart merchants to automate, improve and analyze their datafeed marketing efforts.  Each night, GoDataFeed's import process retrieves product data from 3dcart merchants, optimizes it for the unique requirements of each comparison shopping site and updates the merchant's product listings.

For a limited time only, 3dcart and GoDataFeed are offering interested merchants a risk-free trial, which includes two free feed setups, a free analytics module, free support and a pay-as-you go plan. New users will also be able to take advantage of GoDataFeed’s service for only $0.99 the first month and $59 every month thereafter. There are no contracts, no setup fees and no hidden costs of any kind.

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