Generally, online shoppers prefer a more intimate shopping setting, with no checkout lines and no pushy salespeople. But that doesn’t mean online shoppers don’t want or appreciate a personalized touch from their online retailer. In fact, almost 50% of people would rather shop on a site that offers personalized product recommendations.

So how can you personalize your customer’s interaction with your online business? The answer is simple: newsletters. Email newsletters are an efficient way to customize the shopping experience for a large group of customers simultaneously.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons newsletters are important. Newsletters help:

Engage Dormant Customers

If your product is something that lasts for a relatively long time, you need send dormant customers new or relevant products to re-engage them with your business. Sending products that fit their needs or lifestyle is the most effective way to influence new purchases.

Boost Your Brand Association

When shopping for something in particular, customers tend to think “Where have I seen that before?” And if you’re sending out a personalized monthly newsletter addressing their needs, guess who they’ll remember when its time to buy?

Cross-sell Your Products

An engaging newsletter tells your existing customer what else they need from your online store. They may not have known you had the matching umbrella to the raincoat they purchased. Or they love their new sandals so much, they want to see what other colors you have, so make sure to show existing customers what else you have to offer.

3dcart’s Email Newsletter Manager allows you to create customer lists, add product images and track sales generated by the click-throughs of your newsletter. You can address the customer by name (always a nice touch!) as well as show them complementary or recommended products based on their previous purchases. Help your business stand out and make a personalized touch part of your online marketing strategy.