3dcart has always strived to offer the industry’s best technical support, which is why we’ve taken measures through the years to ensure that our customer satisfaction never falls below 95%. But even with access to the best, most knowledgeable technical support, merchants are still regularly faced with tasks and issues that while burdensome and sometimes challenging, are not within the scope of technical support’s expertise.

Nonetheless, the last thing we want is to leave our merchants out to dry, which is why we’ve implemented a new service to bridge the gap between our free 24x7x365 technical support and expensive third-party solutions. 3dcart’s myWebMaster Service is the first eCommerce program to offer online merchants access to a personal webmaster – an expert ready and capable to solve issues and requests related to design, SEO, products, shipping and more.

Running an online store takes an incredible amount of time, resources and energy. With 3dcart’s newest service, we aim to alleviate merchants of responsibilities associated with day-to-day store upkeep. With access to a personal webmaster, merchants can focus their time and efforts where it really matters – on improving and growing their business.

3dcart’s myWebmaster Service offers two plans, Personal and Dedicated. The Personal plan allows for five hours of service per month, with merchants limited to one job request at a time. Dedicated, which caters to more demanding businesses, offers twenty hours of service per month, with three job requests permitted simultaneously. While job time can vary from one task to the next, the majority will take between 1.5 to 2 hours. Furthermore, task completion time is also dependent on the selected plan. For Personal subscribers, a request may take 3-5 business days for completion, while dedicated delivers fixes in 1-3 business days.

Whether you’re looking for a webmaster to change your store’s font colors, set up 301 redirects, create a promotion or set up your email account & rules, 3dcart’s personal webmasters have got you covered. Scrape a little off your plate and gain some peace of mind with eCommerce’s first personal webmaster service.

Personal myWebmaster Service is available for $249.99/month and Dedicated myWebmaster Service is available for $499.99/month.

For additional information, including a full list of services offered, visit https://mywebmaster.3dcart.com