No matter what type of business  you own, content must play a pivotal role in your Internet marketing strategy. Providing relevant and valuable contents is nonnegotiable for any niche market.

Whether you are a steel manufacturer, a veterinarian, or a health supplement supplier, your customers want valuable content. And you should give it to them. Why?

Fresh content gets you noticed. Consistently publishing fresh blog content will get you noticed in the eyes of Google to improve your search engine rankings. If you regularly publish blog posts that are search engine optimized, it will make it easier for your blog and website to rank naturally for those keywords

Fresh content makes you newsworthy. Your new blog posts are likely to shoot to the top of the search engine rankings since Google views blogs as hot, newsworthy content. While this surge in rankings is only temporary, if you publish blogs regularly, the odds are that you will be much more visible to customers searching for keywords related to your brand.

Fresh content offers value (free). Content is a great way to offer customers value free of charge. The truth is that you probably have quite a bit of competition in your industry. Am I right? Nowadays, there are hardly any e-commerce markets that are completely unsaturated. Go the extra mile to give your customers something of value in the form of blog posts, articles, tutorials, and even free downloadable reports.

Fresh content establishes you as a social leader. Once you have the content, maximize your exposure by posting links on you social media profiles and  adding your posts to social bookmarking sites. Content creators share social conversations. Sharing quality content on Twitter and Facebook establishes you as an industry leader and promotes peer-to-peer (viral) sharing.

Fresh content helps build trust with your customers. Users visiting your website  with specific purchase intent  are likely to leave right away if they don’t find what they are specifically looking for. But users interested in perusing your content quality content likely will stay and read through your pages. The longer time-spend allows the readers to establish familiarity and trust with your brand. Coupled with quality products, trust turns your interested readers turn into engaged  and loyal customers.

If you want to stand shoulders above your competitors, publish exceptional, valuable content. Yes, content truly is king.

Bethany Ramos is an expert in Internet and social media marketing, and she also co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump