Five Reasons Why Online Stores Should Run Daily Deals

For brick-and-mortar outlet stores, running a sale is a huge way to draw in more customers. That same concept can be applied to online stores—but what’s even better than putting half of your stock on sale for a short period of time? Running a daily deal on a single item, of course!

When 3dcart, online stores will have the ability to feature a daily deal as part of their promotion efforts. As a store owner, you have the ability to slash the price as much or as little as you like.

So how can daily deals help your store gain more quality exposure? Below are five reasons why you should take advantage of the new “Daily Deals” feature.

1. Drive more conversions by adding urgency.

With a daily deal feature, you can set parameters based on time limits and stock that add a greater sense of urgency to the deal. Perhaps a customer considered buying the featured product in the past but set it aside for one reason or another. That customer now has more incentive to buy immediately, closing the sale for your store.

The same rule applies to customers surfing your site; the deal might sweeten the purchase for the customer, causing them to make an immediate purchase rather than dragging their feet and in some cases forgetting about the purchase altogether.

2. Pique customer interest with exclusivity.

Shopping online can be overwhelming, even when you’re only browsing one store. Singling out a specific product and featuring it on your homepage is a great way to pique customer interest in the item. You won’t be able to target everyone, but you’ll be able to single out the customers that are most interested in purchasing that specific product and dangle a carrot in front of their noses.

3. Let partner sites promote your deals for you.

Everyone loves a good deal—especially shopping sites and blogs that love to spread the word on sales and other deals. When you launch a deal with a lower price than shoppers can find anywhere on the web, shopping sites are apt to pick up the news and give your store some extra exposure. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to send out a few emails to sites you’d most like to be featured on; they may be grateful for the tip.

4. Generate more content for social media channels.

You need information to share on social media channels, and unique content is the best kind of content to share with your followers. Using social media to share daily deals makes it simple for your customers to take the deal viral and drive more traffic to your site. Effective use of social media is exactly how Groupon exploded into one of the fastest growing startups of all time.

5. Clear stock of outdated products.

The new model is in and you haven’t sold out of the old one? No problem! Feature the old stock as a daily deal, slash the price and drive more sales as a result.