finds their inner peace with 3dCart.

Scott Broder is no stranger to success. With a bevy of online companies under his belt, its no surprise that he turned into a powerhouse in the online wellness community. Let's hear what Scott has to say about his experience with 3dCart:

"We have been using 3dCart now for over 18 months with great success, during a very rough economic environment. We migrated from another cart that was not stable enough to handle the high volume we process daily. The technical support is great, and the new extended hours help out a lot. The custom design services were able to migrate our old design so that our customers didn’t even know we had a new site. The 2 reasons we chose 3dCart were ease of use and features. Ease of use was key to us because the employees needed to get up and running quickly without training and with the high volume of transactions we see daily, the new system needed to be simple and quick to use. The features, especially in the promotions manager were key to driving new revenues. I would use them again, and we do!"

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