Now that you know the advantages Facebook Connect offers your online store, we wanted to give you some tips on how to best leverage  the social feature.


Knowing when & where to use Connect is key to leveraging it's social power for your store. Don't jump the gun with an early pop-up window for two reasons:

  1. 99.9% of users HATE pop-up windows.
  2. Asking users to connect too early may cause more of them to decline because they are still checking out your site; they aren't committed to the process yet.

Instead, encourage users to Connect with a less forcefull call to action further down the purchase/ interest process than your homepage.

If you need some ideas on where to place your call to action, just think about where the social feature makes sense.

For example:

  • account creation page
  • product review section
  • post-purchase
  • forums/community areas


Facebook  Connect has much more potential than just making a registration easier. It offers you tons of unique and interesting ways to connect with your customers and their social networks.

For  implementation inspiration, check out how these eCommerce sites are connecting with their customers:


When users come to,  they are encouraged to shop socially by clicking on the “like-minded shopping starts here” call to action. By connecting with Facebook Connect, customers can share Levi’s products with their friends, “Like” them, or find “Top-Liked” products across their network.



Amazon uses Facebook Connect to make gift card purchasing as easy as possible. When a user Connects with Facebook, they can purchase gift cards for friends that will be posted to their friend's wall on the day of their choosing, like their birthday. The beauty of this use of Connect is that users only have to complete three steps to purchase the giftcard: sign in with Facebook, create the card and then send it on.



Heinz used Facebook Connect to promote and create buzz for their new product. Who would talk about Ketchup on Facebook? Not many people. At least until, Heinz launched a limited edition flavor, but only allowed Facebook fans to purchase it before it went on general sale. Using Connect, Fans could purchase the new flavor and recommend it to friends. So how did the Ketchup Connec campaign do?  Heinz sold 3,000 bottles of their flavor to Facebook fans, gained 14,000 new fans and the buzz they were looking for.

Interested in adding Facebook Connect to your 3dcart store? 3dcart’s Facebook Connect feature is now available through the app store for $199. For more details or to get started, visit