We’re excited about the changes we’re making at 3dcart University!

In our continuing effort to make your e-commerce experience as exciting and fun for you as it is for us, our new articles focus on details—on the specifics of how you have to think about your online store to be successful. When you have the momentum of a big-picture vision, you don’t want the little things to trip you up.

Building your online store can be interesting, and even fun, if you follow the suggestions and reminders laid out for you in “Configuring Your General Settings: 12 Important Elements You Need to Remember.” In this lesson, you will learn how to set your columns, currency, time, products, categories, invoices, and even your URL and email configurations.  Every one of the settings discussed is vital to giving your customers the most seamless online experience possible.

Your product options are just one of a number of ways you can impress your customers with your online retail savvy. Knowing they can buy from you in bulk quantities, or fractionally, increases the probability that your customers will buy more product from you, and come back again and again, because you are showing you’re responsive to their needs. “10 Amazing Product Options Your Customers Will Surely Love” provides you the tips and instructions to make ordering from your online store a breeze.

We spend so much time on building the virtual store that it’s easy to forget about physical product in the midst of it all, but moving inventory is the name of the game, and in “9 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shipping Carrier”you will learn the ins and outs of configuring shipping options among multiple carriers, and even how to offer real-time breakdowns of shipping solutions on your website.

As always, our dedicated and professional team stands by ready to assist you with any questions, and with all your e-commerce needs!