It seems that everyone has an iPhone and we've already covered how to get instant order notifications sent to your iPhone, but what about applications ? Here's a few applications that can enhance the management of your online store and make life a bit easier.


Price: Free

This app is great for the merchant on the go. It has a Post Office Locator which will display all of the post offices in your area, which it will display in either a map or list view. Whats great is that it will display contact info as well as the hours of operations. USPS also allows users to look up zip codes and track shipments if you provide a tracking number for single or multiple shipments. Sadly, the app will not display any postal rate information which would make this a killer app.



Price: Free

Most of the features of USPS mobile are available on this UPS app, such as location search, where users can find UPS stores or drop boxes in their areas, as well as tracking information. Thankfully, some of the features missing in the USPS app are present in UPS app. Merchants can log in using their accounts and ship to customers in their UPS address books, or they can manually enter shipping information. The shipping calculator is an extremely useful feature if merchants want to compare shipping costs. Enter origin and destination zip codes and packaging information, and UPS returns an estimation of time in transit and shipping cost.


awesomenoteAwesome Note

Price: $3.99

Awesome Note is a note app that allows you to customize your notes with a various selection of themes. It allows you to create various folders for your notes which can be customized with an icon and folder color. The folders have this ‘real’ feeling to them, since they look very realistic and are on what looks like a desk as the background. This is a great way to organize your To-Do lists and


Check out iTunes for various applications that can help your online store grow. Have any that you suggest? Drop me a line.