Have you been thinking about taking your online store's design a bit further? Maybe you feel your site needs a little extra something to make it stand out and really wow your customers. The question is what kind of new feature would be best?

When making any design decision, it's important that you consider functionality and ease of use. Adding shiny new design elements just for looks can be a huge mistake if they end up making your site slower or harder to use. The best solution is to only implement design features that add value to your site and help your customers. Of course, there's nothing that says useful features can't look great— and they should!

Below: Rhodes Race Cars uses a Mega Menu complete with icons for every product category.

Below: Convention Exclusive includes fun graphics as category examples in its Mega Menu.

A Mega Menu is an example of a great design feature that is both attractive and functional. Think of a Mega Menu as an expanded, improved dropdown menu with extra navigational capabilities. If a dropdown menu is a list, a Mega Menu is more like a map, offering multiple, clearly labeled destinations. With a Mega Menu, organized categories and subcategories make it easy for your customers to find exactly what they're looking for, and the simple truth is that when it comes to navigating an online store, sometimes a dropdown menu just isn't enough.

Below: Sinful Shoes makes great use of icons in its Mega Menu to help customers know where to look for their favorite style.

Below: Even without graphics, Morgan Sports gets a lot of mileage out of its Mega Menu.

Here's a summary of the great benefits of a Mega Menu:

  • Structured navigation (menu items are grouped)
  • No scrolling (all menu items are in view at the same time)
  • Can include images, such as icons to aid in navigation
  • Flexible layout (can be built for both vertical and horizontal orientations)
  • Increases sales by providing information to customers to help find their desired items
  • Fewer clicks to get to each product page

Below: Direct Door Hardware utilizes its Mega Menu to give customers a general idea of each category.

Below: LogoUp utilizes a Mega Menu that relies heavily on images to help customers recognize their favorite brands immediately, by logo.

Of course, Mega Menus need to meet certain standards in order to retain their convenient qualities. It's very important that the menu's contents are organized meaningfully, and that it loads quickly and doesn't cover too much of the screen. The navigation should be clear but avoid too much extraneous detail; Mega Menus are meant to inform, not confuse. In fact, it's best to have a Mega Menu designed by an expert.

The designers at 3dcart have Mega Menus down to an art— and a science. Our design team is capable of making a perfectly optimized, attractive Mega Menu just for your site, completely integrated into your design and brand. Design and implementation of a Mega Menu starts at $800, and is a great investment in your site.

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