Guest post by 3dcart client David Hamlen of ChoiceChecks

Check security is just as important as the other security measures you have in place for the company. The more you are writing business checks, the more your increasing the chance of fraud by someone else. If you print your own checks from blank checks, make sure your using the best security checks that are out there, even if it may cost more. Buying in bulk will save you more money and easy to save in the long run. The security features will prevent any type of fraud activity that could occur.

If you’re not sure about your business check security features. Turn the check over and look on the back. A few tips to help fraud:

  1. Avoid leaving large blank spaces in the convenience dollar amount or legal dollar amount lines on the check you write. Avoid leaving large blank spaces on the "PAY TO THE ORDER OF" line.
  2. Report to your bank if your checks payable to you are stolen.
  3. Protect your account records and any documents containing personal I.D. information
  4. Close any unnecessary accounts and destroy any extra checks for closed accounts.
  5. Inform your bank about the status of your accounts
  6. Store your unused checks in a secure area.

User laser to imprint the check information and signature, or use a pen that helps prevent check fraud. Another name is called "check washing". Check washing is where your information has been washed away, and re-written, but with your signature untouched.

Taking a few extra steps to make sure your information is written with a pen that prevents washing, or using a laser printer, along with great security check paper, will prevent fraud from happing to your account.

If your leaving for work, and need to mail a check. Take it to the nearest post office drop box where it will be safer at. Some will scout your area, and knows what time your mail comes, and look for your flag to be up on the mail box. If so, then they can get the check and try to alter it, costing you money, and late fees.