Customers search for products in different phases of the purchasing process. They be browsing, considering a purchase, comparison shopping or they could be ready to buy NOW!

Unfortunately PPC doesn't allow the "only show to purchase-ready searchers" option, so if you aren't careful and strategic you can end up paying a lot for users without any purchase intent.

While you can't know for certain a user's position in the  purchase process, you can choose keywords that are indicative of their placement. Consumers' searches follow a pretty standard pattern as they move down the conversion funnel.

You  have to find the keywords that accompany the purchase-ready stage or the buyer keywords.

For example:

  • Betty's looking for a laptop.  She searches:" best laptops" or "laptop reviews"

Those keywords can be good, but for the most part users are just beginning their purchase journey. Lets say Betty went to those review sites and realized she she was probably more interested in a Macbook.

  • Armed with more specific inquiries, Betty has further moved down the conversion funnel - she knows exactly what she wants and shes ready to buy. She searches: "Buy Macbooks" "Buy Macbooks Cheap"  "Macbooks under $100"  "Budget Macbooks"

Without knowing Betty's journey, you These keywords are indict

Matt Carter lists some great examples of buyer keywords on his blog.

  • buy
  • purchase
  • review
  • best
  • cheap
  • new
  • bargain
  • budget
  • economical
  • inexpensive
  • low cost
  • low priced
  • reduced
  • compare
  • model numbers
  • brand names