Ecommerce Feature Spotlight – Picnik Integration

One thing that sets 3dcart apart from other popular shopping cart providers is the number of tools we provide for our merchants.  Our goal is to make 3dcart an all-encompassing solution for all of your ecommerce needs.

It was with this in mind that we added Picnik integration to the 3.2 version of 3dcart.

What is Picnik?

Picnik is a free and easy to use photo editing system which allows you to edit and manipulate your image files.  When building your store, a feature like Picnik can be invaluable for touching up and correcting product images as they are being added.

How it works

When you create your free Picnik account, you are given an interface where you can upload your images, edit them, save them and then re-download them for you to use them as needed.

Now, as we mentioned, Picnik is essentially free to use.  You can also upgrade your account to their premium services – which allow for more filters and editing tools – but you’d be surprised how well rounded the basic free version is on its own!

3dcart’s integration with Picnik

Normally, editing images with Picnik requires one to upload them to your Picnik account and then download them after they’ve been modified.  With 3dcart, we’ve taken that process one step further and we’ve made it so that each of your product images will have an “edit” button listed for them.

Clicking this button will take your image and automatically pass it to your Picnik account where you can manipulate the image.  Once you’re finished, you simply click on the “Export” button located in your Picnik account and the image is sent back to your 3dcart store!

How does it work?

When you become a Picnik user, you are given access to an API key.  3dcart allows you to easily input this API key into your store so that the integration is complete.  Our KB Article (located here) explains it in far better detail.

Give it a try today and see how easy it is to edit images right from your 3dcart interface!