There is no one size fits all strategy for eCommerce marketing. In order to succeed, your online store requires unique tactics and strategies tailored to your brand and customers. But whether you’re managing a small niche shop or an international household name, if you’re not running a blog, you aren’t doing everything you can to drive traffic to your store.

Blogging is a powerful marketing channel that can give your business the edge it needs to outperform your competitors. An excellent, frequently updated blog encourages customer engagement, creates social buzz, humanizes your business, and dramatically improves your SEO efforts by helping you rank higher in search engines.

Every eCommerce business needs a blog, and there’s no place better to get started than with 3dcart’s built-in blog feature, which now boasts new, cutting-edge features designed to help you create and publish awesome, share-worthy posts.

Using 3dcart’s built-in blog, you’ll have access to advanced features such as:

Moderate Comments: Manually or auto-approve comments so that they are visible instantly.

Comment Replies: Encourage customer engagement and discussions by allowing comments to be replied to.

Disqus: Integrate with Disqus instead of using 3dcart’s built-in comments functionality.

Prev/Next for Post: Allow visitors to navigate between preview and next articles for easy navigation.

Display Features: Specify the number of posts on your blog’s home, upload your own frame template, add your Google+ profile credentials to posts, and hide archives, recent posts and/or category links.

Tag Products: Tag products from your store that will display as thumbnails beneath an article.

Preview Post: Preview your post, regardless if it’s in draft mode or not.

SEO: Edit your blog articles’ SEO information, including Title, Custom File Name, and Meta Tags.

Top and Bottom Navigation Banner: Use regular text or HTML to customize your blog’s banners.

Best of all, your blog will automatically take on the look and feel of your store’s design, eliminating any need for re-creating your store’s design at a third party location.

For a full list of 3dcart’s built-in blog features as well as step-by-step instructions for setting up your very own blog, visit the 3dcart Knowledgebase.