We know you have many questions about how best to utilize 3dcart’s software to build your business. That’s why we created 3dcart University. Within our many practical articles and how-to tutorials you will find realistic step-by-step instruction to take you to the top of the e-commerce class! We work tirelessly to be your partner in building your online presence, and your business.

For instance, what is a “Responsive Template?” It’s our new, customizable template which allows you to easily create a user-friendly e-commerce store front and start gaining customers and taking orders immediately. You can read about how to use them in Build your 3dcart Store With a Fully Customizable, Responsive Template.

Do you want a slice of Amazon’s e-commerce pie? As an online retailer, it would be madness no to partake of Amazon’s giant brand and marketing system.  Within the article Trust in Amazon Shopping Cart Software: Drive Traffic with Ads, you’ll find out how to get some. We understand you may not even be aware of Amazon’s order fulfillment service, and how it can save you and your business thousands of dollars by reducing both your physical inventory storage and manpower costs. In the article Trust in Amazon Shopping Cart Software: Order Fulfillment through a Recognized Brand, we explain this revolutionary service and how it will positively impact your customer service, brand, and bottom line.

The ever-increasing importance of social media, and how to best use it as another marketing platform is covered in the Top Ten Tips to Grow your 3dcart Store Via Facebook.  Facebook is always changing, shifting its algorithms to more precisely target audience subsets for your products. The value of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus to your online marketing strategy cannot be overstated.

We are always poised to bring you the latest in e-commerce trends and how best to exploit existing and emerging platforms to grow your business. So, be sure to come back to school often at 3dcart U!