Five Reasons Why Anyone with a Computer Can Start an Online Store

Virtualization has turned ecommerce into one of the simplest ways to become an entrepreneur. Today’s technology has made it simple for anyone to start their own online store and manage it solo on a shoestring budget—and as an ecommerce provider, we’ve seen tons of proof.

Even if you have zero entrepreneurial experience, ecommerce software puts all of the tools and resources you need to start an online store at your fingertips. Below you’ll find five reasons why anyone with a computer can start an online store.

1. Getting started with a shopping cart software solution is dirt-cheap.

Remember when licensing software required thousands of dollars a year? Today, you can acquire your own shopping cart platform for less than $20 a month. That’s an insanely low barrier to entry that requires little overhead to get your store started. You may need a little cash up front to buy product, but that’ll be the bulk of your upfront investment.

3DCart’s business model only charges $19.95/month for our lowest package, a cost that covers hosting. There’s no setup fee and no per-sale fees.

2. You won’t need specialists when you have automated end-to-end features.

In the past, retail businesses would usually require hiring professionals in marketing, sales, accounting, logistics and more. Today, shopping cart software solutions include features that cover all of your bases. Want to integrate your online retail store with Quickbooks? No problem. Planning a social media campaign and access analytics directly from a central dashboard? Piece of cake! Need to collect and archive customer data in an easy-to-access database? We have built-in customer relationship managers for that.

You won’t need a staff—just a little business experience and an adventurous spirit.

3. Don’t have room to house your product? No problem.

Hold the phone—don’t rent out that storage facility just yet. If you’re getting started with a small amount of stock, you can hire a virtual warehouse and fulfillment manager to store everything. Instead of piling your stock in your living room, simply outsource your storage to a fulfillment service provider at low fees. When orders come through, the fulfillment center will automatically ship the product for you.

4. The right software solution means no programming. That’s right: zero development experience necessary.

It’s nice to have technical experience if you’re starting your first online store, but it isn’t required. Today’s proprietary ecommerce software solution makes using features, managing content and integrating third-party services a snap without requiring you to hire a developer to customize your store.

5. Everything is hosted in the cloud, so you can access your store anytime, anywhere.

Software used to live on your computer, but now you can access your software and data directly from your web browser from a secure login page. The personal data of your customers is safe, and you can manage your store from your desktop, laptop, tablet—even your mobile device.