Last week, we introduced our new App Store.  This week, we’d like to showcase one of the many popular apps available in the store.

Advanced Search

Your 3dcart store comes with a site wide search tool already built-in.  The standard search function will provide accurate results for simple searches based on product name, short descriptions and keywords as well as other product fields.  While the standard search tool is accurate and useful in its own right, store with many products can have a difficult time providing accurate search results.  

This is where the advanced search tool can come in handy.

3dcart’s Advanced Search plugin is powered by FusionBot and offers a very extensive search function for your site.  Through FusionBot, your product searches are based on a wider range of product attributes including Pricing, Manufacturers, as well as stock levels.

Furthermore, these attributes can then be used as filters on your site’s search result pages – thereby enabling your customers to narrow down their options even further.  For example, a search for “sparkplugs” on a standard auto-parts store will allow a customer to further narrow down their results by specific price ranges, categories or even specific brand/manufacturers.

FusionBot’s advanced search engine also allows for keywords searches based on word synonyms and common misspellings, as well as logging common search terms to help you determine which phrases are being referenced more often.

Along with faster search results, here are a few of the other features provided by FusionBot.

Smarter search logic through

  • Synonyms:
    You can manually configure synonyms to increase the scope of potential matches in your results set.  By way of example, you can setup a synonym to equate the words 'vintage' and 'nostalgic'.
  • Spell-check:
    Misspelled search terms entered into the search field will still display results for the correct word, i.e. all product results with the keyword Halloween will display even if the word Holloween is entered.
  • Word Stemming:
    Example: A search for 'pop rock' yields the same matches as 'pop rocks', or 'popping rocks', etc, again, expanding the universe of potential matches, increasing the opportunity for converting visitors into customers.
  • SEO Keyword links
    The Advanced Search can automatically analyze your visitors search activity, and create search engine friendly, "static in appearance", keyword links based on the most popular terms searched on your site.  By linking to the SEO generated report, spiders will index this content (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc), assisting in driving quality, targeted traffic to your site, automatically.  This brings your search implementation full circle, since the most frequently searched terms ON your site, are likely the same terms that would most "relevantly" drive traffic TO your site, when searched for on the Web at large.

What you get

When you purchase the Advanced Search Add-On, you get your very own FusionBot account and access to the FusionBot interface.  Through the FusionBot interface you can:

  • Request a complete indexing of your site
    FusionBot will spider crawl your site and catalog all of your products
  • Run search reports
    Use these to research your customer search behaviors and common phrases
  • Customize your search filters
    Specify filtering options your customers will be able to use to narrow search results
  • Customize your search result templates
    Share your site’s unique look and feel with the search result pages.
  • Much more

See it in action

Here are a few stores currently using the advanced search.


In summary, the Advanced Search Function is a powerful and affordable solution for Merchants who’d like to offer a more robust search experience to their customers.