thumbsupSocial media plays an important role in the daily life of billions of people worldwide. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and countless other platforms have thoroughly integrated themselves into the personal and professional spheres of adults and children, with their presence at the dinner table, workplace, and school not only common, but universally sanctioned.

Our ever-growing dependency on social media long ago surpassed the confines of maintaining and developing personal relationships. Today, social media is one of the most powerful, invaluable marketing tools available to merchants, with businesses of every size promoting, updating, and communicating with consumers on anywhere from an hourly to daily basis.

As an eCommerce merchant, few areas are as important to your financial success as a great marketing strategy. With the dropping of the ball just around the corner, now’s the time to ensure your 2016 business plan is geared and optimized for the world’s unspoken addiction: social media.

Optimize Marketing Efforts

Whether you’re a social media guru that posts multiple times a day or are just now creating your first Facebook account, there’s always room for growth and improvement in one of the world’s fastest, most fluid sales channels.

Social media posts may seem like the easiest type of advertisements available to eCommerce merchants – they’re short, to the point, and can easily be published in just seconds. But with such little space to convey your copy and image, Facebook posts are often hit or miss, and can either substantially bolster your online sales or alienate your shoppers.

Grow Sales

Creating great social media content is a complex affair affected by a number of factors: is your content varied? Do you occasionally offer helpful information, or is every social post a call to action for a sale or promotion? Do you run contests, promotions, or other exciting events? Are you using clear and captivating images? Do you post when the majority of your audience is online?

These are all important questions to consider as you optimize your social media marketing strategy for the next calendar year. Frequent, varied content that your audience finds helpful, exciting or informative will encourage fans to share your content with their own social network of friends and family – and who doesn’t love free advertising?

A strong social media presence is a surefire way to generate buzz and traffic for your online store, which in turn may only serve to yield financial rewards.

Get More Fans

If you’re hoping to build a strong social following, your business needs fans – and lots of them. Acquiring new fans isn’t difficult or expensive, but it does take time.

In addition to posting on a regular, consistent basis, a great social presence entails developing, nurturing, and building new relationships. This important social task is accomplished through frequent customer engagement, such as publicly addressing concerns, answering questions, or returning a warm greeting or thank you to those that have just dropped by to say hi or express their love for your product.

Building publicly positive relationships with your customers not only instills trust in your shoppers and onlookers, but is a great way to secure the lifetime loyalty and trust of your shoppers.

The Easier Solution

Developing, optimizing and managing a social media strategy inarguably has its rewards, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. For countless businesses, researching, crafting and publishing social posts multiple times a day or week simply isn’t possible.

3dcart’s Social Media Services are designed for merchants that don’t have the time or interest in managing an online social presence, but are still looking to grow and expand their online stores. We currently offer three packages for businesses of every size and budget: Social Media Lite, Social Media Standard, and Social Media Ultimate.

With the help of 3dcart’s Social Media Gurus, it’s easy to reap the rewards of a strong social following without any of the tedious, day-to-day workload. For more information, view our Social Media Packages or call 1.800.828.6650.