An eCommerce store’s appearance is a visual representation of a brand’s trustworthiness, atmosphere and quality, and is perhaps the most important element to affect a visitor’s shopping experience from arrival to checkout.

As an online store owner, you have only a few seconds to convert a browser into a shopper, with snap judgment and first-impressions occurring in fewer than seven seconds. Easy, hassle-free navigation, smart branding, high quality images, fast loading times, and responsive technology are crucial elements critically, and usually unconsciously, evaluated by shoppers at first glance.

But with website design technology and practices ever-evolving, changing to meet the increasing needs and demands of shoppers worldwide, it can be difficult to determine how and where your site’s design needs improvement. Is your store’s navigation confusing? Does your design look out of date? Do your images fail to incite desire?

As your competitors adapt to eCommerce website trends, so should you. The long-term success of your business is anything but guaranteed, but rather entirely dependent upon your dedication and delivery of customer expectations.

Let’s go over a few key elements that’ll help you plan for a successful, and hopefully visually impressive, 2016.

Become Responsive

With the fast decline of desktop shopping and the rise of mobile usage, it’s more important than ever that your store is catered to shoppers’ on-the-go. Responsive technology ensures the delivery of consistently awesome, memorable website experiences, with layout and content adapting to any screen size or device.

Increasing sales, your conversion rate, and improving customer satisfaction are directly correlated to the quality of your customers’ shopping experiences. If you’ve yet to adopt a responsive theme, take measures to upgrade as soon as possible – your financial success and your customers’ satisfaction are on the line.

You can view the 3dcart Theme Store for a varied and growing collection of professionally designed responsive themes.

Increase Conversion Rate

Using beautiful, high quality images, ensuring easy navigation, and using an aesthetically pleasing design are surefire ways to promoting a positive shopping experience. Customers are looking to purchase from businesses that are able to instill trust, competence and quality – traits initiated and supported by your site’s design.

A striking, impressive design can help your business stand head and shoulders above your competitors, attract new shoppers, encourage repeat traffic, and most importantly, significantly improve your conversion rate.

If your website’s design is out-of-date, or you’re simply looking for a fresh new look for 2016, 3dcart’s professional design services are the convenient and affordable solution for businesses of every size and budget. Our design packages are tailored and customized to meet a business’s unique style and brand, helping business establish a reputable and professional online presence that’s proven to increase sales.

3dcart currently offers five design packages, ranging in price from $2,499 to $6,499.

Gear Up for the New Year

2016 is nearly here. Evaluate the state of your store’s design and see where improvements are most needed. With a new, professional design, a better conversion rate and improved customer satisfaction are not only possible, but easily attainable, too!

For more information on how 3dcart can help you meet your New Year’s Business Goals, contact our sales team at 1.800.828.6650 or view our eCommerce Marketing Services.

Stay tuned! We’ll be featuring additional articles to help you work toward your 2016 business goals.