Have you ever felt giddy with desire or madly in love?

This is the exact feeling you need to evoke in your customers as they go through the products in your online store. Believe it or not, stunning photos alone are not enough to make your customers fall head over heels for your merchandise.

You need well-written, exciting, and utterly compelling product descriptions to accompany the images. So how do you do that? Well, here are several helpful tips that can guide you in creating descriptions that can make waves for your business:

1.      Use a Tone that Matches the Target Audience.

It's been said over and again. When it comes to eCommerce, knowing your target audience like your best friend will do wonders for your online business.

In this case, the tone of voice you use in your writing must speak volumes to the people you are trying to draw in. If you're aiming for businessmen, you can adopt a more professional tone and make use of sensible reasoning to prove your product's worth. If you're going after teenagers, you'll need to talk like them and inject some of their slang expressions. This way, they can easily relate to you.

2.      Focus More on Benefits than Features.

One common mistake that a lot of business owners and product description writers make is to merely have a rundown of features rather than emphasizing the actual benefits. The features are amazing, but what can they do for the person checking out your product? This is what you have to keep in mind.

Instead of simply saying that your baby blanket is "made of 100% cotton", you can add "ideal sleeping companion to keep your baby warm and comfy ". Learn to have a good balance of features and benefits in your paragraphs.

3.      Make It Easy to Skim Through.

Many web users often just skim through content online. Make sure that your description format is easy to skim or scan through. Let major features and benefits jump out with captivating words. Use subheadings and bullet points rather than multiple paragraphs. Make sure to keep your sentences short and interesting too.

4.      Write with Powerful Verbs.

You probably think that a description ought to have a lot of strong adjectives. It's correct--- to a certain extent. But when you make use of powerful verbs, you don't just paint a beautiful picture of your product but you'll likely trigger a reaction from readers too.

Let's say you're describing an ebook. Instead of using the description "a feel-good story with well-written dialogue and compelling narratives from a talented writer", you can elaborate with more verbs by saying "a feel-good story to keep you company during quiet moments, touching your heart with words that inspire while keeping you in suspense all throughout".

5.      Limit the Jargon.

It's also important that you limit the jargon you use, unless you're targeting sophisticated individuals or highly professional groups. For instance, if you're selling laboratory equipment to medical technicians and scientists, it's okay to use terminologies to describe the features and benefits. But if you're selling sports shirts to ordinary students, you can't just throw in terms like "Dri-Fit", "ClimaLite", and "Gore-Tex" without further explanation or more specific examples. They won't be able to appreciate such fancy words nor be able to understand the actual benefits.

6.      Capitalize on Imagination.

People are usually fascinated with stories that enthrall them and activate the imagination. This is why some companies actually make use of short narratives for their product descriptions. You need to keep in mind that the imagination can generate feelings. And if you're able to master writing to spark the imagination, you'll surely be able to elicit the emotions you want to stir in a potential buyer.

These tips may sound too much for a beginner. Hence, always remember that practice makes perfect. So start writing your product descriptions today and keep at it until you're confident that you've mastered and applied all of these tips. Sooner or later, you'll notice just how big the waves these write-ups can produce.