This holiday season, each and every visitor to your online store is a crucial opportunity for revenue. With the economy in its current situation and many of Americans dealing with unemployment or other financial burdens, you'll have to make sure that you do everything you can to convert window shoppers  into buyers. Here are 5 things that you can do to your online store that should have a direct impact:

1. Category Cleanup 

Deleting empty categories will cut down on the clutter and remove any frustrations your shoppers will feel by coming up empty when browsing for products. Another great tip is to create 2 categories; New Products and On Sale. By manually adding these and then adding products to the appropriate categories, you'll have total control over what products are shown as new and will be able to put all of your products that are on sale in their own category. This technique is also useful for Clearance items as well.

2. Write for Humans 

You may be creating content and product descriptions for the search engines, but they're not going to buy your products. Make sure that your product descriptions are relevant, well written, and speak to specific audience. By cramming them with keywords and SEO content, you are going to confuse and turn away customers.

3. Tidy up the Homepage. 

Having a lot of featured products, promotions, or out of stock items on your homepage will give the impression that you are disorganized. Clean it up and updated the featured products monthly.

4. All Reviews are Positive 

When moderating your product reviews, its important to take the good with the bad. When you  have nothing but positive reviews, it sends the message that you created them  yourself or that you have padded them with only positive reviews. Having a good mix of positive and negative reviews will give merit to them.

5. Don't hide 

If you have a customer service phone number, display it proudly on your home page. Never let a customer search for a way to contact you because they'll just go to another retailer that will be more accessible.


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